Hang ‘Art aims to create bridges across the world, and to become an African artistic label of reference, actor of economic development, which takes its source on an optimal territory with all values of development, innovation, respect of Man and Earth, Rwanda.

Where we come from...

The creator of Hang ’Art, Céline Fatoux Hagoye, comes from the Burundian-Rwandan diaspora. Born to a Belgian mother and a Burundian-Rwandan father, she was adopted in France where she grew up while maintaining a permanent link with her origins.

Her journey of personal resilience unconsciously progresses in tune with that of Rwanda. Torn apart yesterday, the country holds its destiny in its hands and has become a hub attracting a connected, creative African diaspora that identifies with its success.

Céline Fatoux Hagoye’s versatile professional background led her to work creatively in media and film production in two distinct fields: Contemporary Art and Science. She decided to draw inspiration from all over Africa, to defend a tree-like artistic and technological vision devoid of narrow and partitioned systems, and to develop an incubator and an innovative and creative space for expression.
“Returning” is not just an ideological concept stopping at Ghana’s Door, it is a continental reality that can be informed and realized through a nomadic and alternative artistic hub like Hang’Art.

Nothing would have been possible without Franck Fanny …” CFH

Photo. Céline Fatoux Hagoye

Franck Fanny

An Architect of ideas

A few years ago, when I met Franck Fanny on a shoot and discovered his artistic work, I became long obsessed with the idea of ​​making a film about him as an artist, about his personality,  his universe.

I was fascinated by such a multifaceted, creative brute force. There was an engineer, a businessman, a media producer and a visceral artist, all in one man. His photographic work opened a door for me to a new dimension that I suspected but had never seen before. His talent is undeniable, he has exhibited in famous venues, received awards, yet to me he seemed larger than the rather narrow, codified, scripted and hierarchical contemporary art world. His works did not correspond to any standard, any label or any box in which one tried to put them.
We had to discuss for hours about a way to let his works express themselves in all their intensity and authenticity, without being reduced by a conformist environment.
Rather than wanting to revolutionize an established order, the solution was to invent another space, parallel, alternative, avant-garde whose sole purpose would be to sublimate artistic expression, where indomitable art would remain free and where the artist would not be a tool but the essential: Hang’Art.

Franck Fanny passed away to join our ancestors on July 2, 2021, may he rest in peace. I miss him each day. He leaves a huge empty behind him. I am thankful for knowing him, for everything I shared with him and for what he transmitted me.

Hang’Art will carry and pass on its legacy unconditionally. The lights don’t die.

Céline Fatoux Hagoye

Hang'Art Founder