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The Journey Podcast

is a platform created  by Manzi Mbaya Abdoul Hakim with  the aim of shedding light on the vibrant art scene in Rwanda while engaging in meaningful conversations with talented artists from our country. 

 “The Journey Podcast,” our mission is to provide a space for artists to share their personal experiences, insights, and creative journeys, and to inspire both fellow artists and our audience to explore their own artistic endeavors. Through candid and thought-provoking discussions, we delve into various aspects of our lives in the arts, offering listeners a glimpse into the rich tapestry of talent and passion.

By featuring diverse voices and perspectives, we seek to foster a sense of community and connection within the artistic community while also serving as a gateway for the public to discover and appreciate the depth and diversity of Rwandan artistry. 

“I am excited about the potential of “The Journey Podcast” to not only amplify the voices of our talented artists but also to ignite a spark of inspiration in our listeners, encouraging them to explore their own creative paths and contribute to our life.”

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Thank you to our amazing partners, who help us challenging the art scene.