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x Creativity Classroom of the artistic mentoring program

The intersection between art and technology is a fascinating convergence that opens up a wide range of possibilities for a more creative, responsive and sustainable world.

This merger helps to refocus art at the heart of debates while infusing the innovation specific to the fourth technological revolution – and those to come – with innovative concepts and unprecedented imaginative power.
This convergence between art and technology transcends traditional boundaries and opens an incessant dialogue between creative disciplines and new technologies. It stimulates the exploration of new horizons in the artistic field by integrating cutting-edge digital tools, interactive interfaces, virtual realities, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and many others.

By merging artistic design with innovative technological advances, we cross the boundaries of possibility and participate in the emergence of an immersive and engaging artistic landscape. New sensory and interactive experiences take shape through the use of virtual and augmented reality, allowing spectators to fully immerse themselves in a work and interact with it, thus giving rise to a unique artistic experience.

Furthermore, harnessing the imaginative power of new technologies creates new forms of artistic expression. Artificial intelligence algorithms help generate unique works of art, while artists incorporate technological elements such as LED lighting, projection mapping and robotics into their creations. This opens new artistic perspectives and stimulates creativity by giving artists powerful tools to translate their vision into reality.

Ultimately, this convergence of arts and technologies is not limited to simply enriching the artistic field, but it also embodies a potential for sustainable development. Technological innovations make it possible to push the limits of creation while integrating eco-responsible solutions. Practices such as the use of recycled materials, renewable energy, and eco-efficient technologies help minimize the ecological footprint of artistic production, thus contributing to the creation of a more sustainable world.
In short, the intersection between art and technology becomes a gateway to more innovative, immersive and responsible artistic expression. This weaves the threads of a dynamic creative fabric that pushes the boundaries of imagination and realization, while encouraging reflection on contemporary issues and the future of our society.

Kigali has been a bustling location for tech-related events and innovation across Africa. It is also home to some of Africa’s future creative powerhouses in fashion, creative industries, visual arts, music, cinema, etc.


Art x Tech is a digital classroom programme aimed at empowering the creative youth from Rwanda, and the whole continent, with state of the art classes on the intersection between art, creativity and technological innovations.


We believe that art is essential to designing smart places, ideas and innovations that serve people, and that innovation is a fuel for creativity.

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