Mentoring program

Our artistic mentorship program is currently under development.

The launch is scheduled for 2024-2025!

Hang’Art’s artistic mentoring program is deployed as an avant-garde digital platform, offering an online ecosystem rich in possibilities. Through courses, online discussions and masterclasses led by internationally renowned artists, this innovative platform is purposefully designed to serve the aspirations of emerging and established artists, as well as arts institutions, artist residencies and programs artistic universities in the East African region.

At the heart of this platform, cutting-edge technologies and the digital world blend harmoniously to forge solid links between the various players in the artistic scene. It offers valuable support, allowing young artists to benefit from informed advice and essential support in order to chart their creative trajectory and achieve lasting profitability at the start of their career.

By appropriating the assets of the digital world, our innovative platform transcends geographical and temporal barriers, thus establishing a privileged virtual link between prestigious mentors and promising talents through the Art x Tech course. It catalyzes the sharing of experiences, expertise and knowledge, creating a dynamic synergy that propels artists to new heights of success and creative fulfillment