About Hang'Art

Our story

Hang’Art is a nomadic 2.0 artistic hub, an independent art incubator, a place where art and creativity merge harmoniously, vibrating with contagious energy and uniting the most brilliant creative minds.

As an ardent ambassador of creative trends emanating from the African continent and its diaspora, Hang’Art demonstrates its commitment to visual arts, fashion and music. At the heart of our essence, we breathe life into exhilarating events that transcend borders, foster artistic connections and spark innovative synergies.

While embracing an avant-garde vision, our hub magnifies art by giving it a place of choice in the global development of creative territories. By placing culture at the forefront, Hang’Art nourishes a philosophy that inspires innovation, thus encouraging people to push the limits of creativity and artistic expression.

Join us on this immersive adventure and let yourself be carried away by the magic of Hang’Art, where the refinement of the arts and the power of imagination meet to create a unique and unforgettable experience.

This movement originates from Rwanda, a place in line with this cultural and technological effervescence, committed to sustainability.


A transformative and nomadic movement supporting creation.


Visual art, Fashion and Music: showcasing the crossroads between Art, performances and New Tech in Africa.


Meet The Team

Founder of Hang'Art

Céline Fatoux Hagoye

Céline Fatoux Hagoye, French author and director of Belgian, Burundian & Rwandan origin lives and works in Paris. She works regularly for French television, and independently writes and directs short films.

Patrice Pies

Strategy director

Patrice PIES works as a strategic analyst for the BNP Paribas Group, a leading French and European bank. He has twelve years of experience in evaluation, diagnosis and strategic development with general management, to whom he provides advice in decision-making.

A lover of art in all its forms, he plays the piano and has extensive knowledge of photography. 10 years ago, he was struck by the appropriation of new technologies and new media by contemporary artists.

Since then, he has provided direct support to the work of young artists and participates in the vitality of artistic creation, by collecting so-called “post internet” contemporary works.

He begins a reconversion in the cultural sector and more specifically in the dissemination of contemporary art throughout the world. To do this, he would like to propose combining his professional expertise with projects related to art.

Team photography: Maeken
Courtesy Hang’Art Africa 2020