Art Spot

Art Spot is nomadic, animated and alternative.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” Albert Einstein.

These words illustrate what drives and directs my commitment and vision. Creativity must be expressed and circulated without borders, without nationality, without classifications, in all its forms: visual arts, music, fashion…. and bring a complementary dimension to today’s world.
Art has its place everywhere, in museums, galleries, the street, our homes and Art Spot wants to be flexible enough to fit into any space.

What interests me in artistic work is its intensity, its material, to find in it a committed interpretation of the elements, of nature, of life, of society, which is anchored and positioned in the present, beyond our own interpretation.

I do not want to dissociate the artist from his work because they are linked by the same light, the same colors. I prefer to know and be connected to artists as well as to their works in order to represent and support them with the same strength, the same commitment, the same integrity that they put into their works.

I focus on creativity inspired by the African continent because that’s where I get my energy from.

I challenge you to guess the origin of an artist by seeing one of his works in Art Spot. These artists themselves do not define themselves by their origin, why would we? Why would you do it?

“An artist” is an artist and does not need any other qualifier. What matters is its multicultural influence. The creations – plastic, musical or textile – that attract me are often produced by multidisciplinary artists … openness calls for openness. Like Hang’Art, I believe in science, ecology, technology and progress.

And I believe that nothing is possible without Art, because “Art is our only salvation”.

Céline Fatoux Hagoye

Fondatrice de Hang'Art

Curatrice Art Spot


To EMPOWER artists from Africa and its diaspora in the international art market

To BOOST mutual influence between artists from all backgrounds


by fusing exhibitions, performances, screenings, concerts, fashion shows, and more between artists sharing a common creative and avant-garde energy.


An innovative vision and universal values

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Cedric Mizero

Visual & Fashon designer

Visual Artist

Visual Artist

Franck Fanny


Teddy Mazina

Photographer activist